12/12/10 – Reindeer Romp (31:43)

This was my first 5k race I ran and did worlds better than I ever thought I would.  The weather was iffy and I was worried it would rain, but thankfully the rain held off til after the awards were announced.  It was 51 degrees and overcast, but I was able to keep a 10:13 pace.

5/7/11 – Haverford Twilight 5k (29:19)

I decided to do this race because it was a relatively flat course and thought it would be a good way to get me back into running semi regularly in.  I drank a little too much water before the race began, which combined with my nerves, left me feeling like I had to pee the entire time.  This is the story behind my 9:27 pace and fastest time to date!  It was a beautiful spring day at 70 degrees with moments of rain sprinkles throughout, yet nothing drenching!

11/26/11 – ABVM Turkey Trot (32:33)

This is my first race back after taking a few weeks off from exercising 6 days a week due to a sprained ankle.  It is my slowest race to date at a 10:29 pace, but there was a very steep hill in the middle of the route and I also felt the best I’ve ever felt after a race with this 5k.  No chip time was recorded though so I could’ve been a little bit faster than the above time.

12/11/11 – Reindeer Romp (30:02)

I believe this race will become a yearly mainstay for me.  I did almost 2 whole minutes better with this route than I did last year.  I kept a 9:40 pace and the weather was great at 40 degrees and sunny for an early winter day.

1/28/12 – Short Pickle Run (31:39) 

This was my first run of the new year with my 12 races resolution.  It was at Ridley Creek State Park and had actually been postponed by a week since the day it was scheduled for, snow and ice had fallen which would make a mess of the trails there for the longer pickle run where people search for pickles in the woods (don’t ask!).  It was also a prediction race where I had to predict my time (32:30) and run as close to it as possible.  I was only 51 seconds off!  The route was actually less than a 5k at 3.01765 miles and it was sunny and 38 degrees.

2/11/12 – Feel the Love 5k (30:05)

This was my first race running during true winter conditions.  It was only 36 degrees, cold, wet, and snowing lightly during the second half of the race.  I kept a 9:41 pace and was so close to under 30 minutes!


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